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Pilot Shock Explanations from Bermuda Devil’s Triangle

Bermuda Şeytan Üçgeni
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The Bermuda Satanic Triangle, which for many years has been described as a phenomenon of extraterrestrialism, alienation and unexplained phenomena, is still mysterious. According to the scientists, they define it as Gulf Stream. But in 1970, the pilot of a plane flying to Miami described the incident as follows;

I made the pilot of the plane from Porto Rico Airport to go to Miami. A half hour after our journey, a very interesting event took place. First, after all the electronic devices went bad, the compass broke down. I reported this to the tower immediately. But the moment I saw around me, it affected me very much. A white cloud wrapped around my plane. It was just forming a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel a blue sky was visible. To get rid of this situation, I turned my plane to the end of the tunnel. There were white straight lines in the tunnel. These lines then began to twist clockwise, and then the electronic devices, the compass, returned to their old order. When I asked where I was at the tower, they told me they had lost my signal that they had not heard from me for three minutes. I informed him that I was on my way for 33 minutes saying that the tower was wrong, and I told him that I still have 30 minutes to Miami. Then the sight I saw when I turned my head down shocked me. Because I was flying over Miami. The pilot on the other hand supports this event. The Bermuda evil triangle will be on the agenda for a long time.

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