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The event takes place in Avanos province of Nevşehir in 2001. As usual, E.Ş. goes to the coffee house. he was watching the players who played okey. Head 7 stitches, a broken foot is left after the arrow. It starts with the escape of one of the cows that the shepherd has taken to the ward. At the same time on the coffee house, the checkered grass covered with grass comes out. Here’s what happens after that. The group that plays okey in the cupboard under the dam falls into his head.

A waiter living in the event tells the situation as follows;

When I got back, the cow fell into his uncle’s head. Belk is a situation we have never heard of. At this point, the astonishment in the waist has not even been able to make a statement. When I was behind my back I saw the throat in the head of E. Uncle then lay around in the blood. At the end of the waitress’s statement, if someone told me something like that, I would not believe it.

Our uncle E. who falls into his head is in good condition. My uncle E., who is the victim of the incident,

I was watching the read that my friends played. I could not give a meaning to how it was, but first I heard a crackling voice and then I saw in my head the devastated cow. I do not remember after that anyway. I opened the window and I was a patient.

E. I wish you would have been 16 years or so later.

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