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The costume of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror of Hagia Sophia!

Fatih Sultan Mehmet'in Ayasofya İle İlgili Bedduası!
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The costume of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror of Hagia Sophia!

Hagia Sophia

This event, according to some sources according to legendary sources, is really a lived experience. The event has developed as follows;

Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror comes to the rescue of a newly emerged monk in his presence in Haghia Sophia. Conqueror, this hair is asking why the monk is laid in the dungeon, which is a long, shabby, wretched state. He begins to tell the monk, at the time, in Istanbul, Constantine ruled that the Turks would take him away. The monk also said that Istanbul was going to be in the hands of the Turks, so Constantine got angry and the priest laid in the dungeon. Upon hearing this, Fatih, the monks thought that Istanbul would not remain in the hands of the Turks. In the monk; He said that Istanbul would come out of the hands of the Turks in a different way, not fighting. It will come at such a time that the Turks will sell the land and the land in their hands and the strangers will have their own places. The Sultan, who hears these things, is very angry and says: Whoever sells a place that he had in Istanbul to strangers, let the wrath of Allah be upon him!

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