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Swords and Signs

Padişahlar Ve Burçları
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Swords and Signs


We learn most about the Sultans. Much of this information is wars, spouses, children, and reign periods. Today we will talk about unheard of information about the sultans. Which sultans will learn from which sign;

Suleiman The Magnificent ; The legal bull born on April 27, 1495. It is a non-hasty, very calm, patient, diligent and highly detailed sultan who is a full-blown man.

Sultan Ibrahim; Born on November 5, 1616, the sultan is a scorpion. The Sultan, also known as Deli Abraham, possessed a personality that was intelligent and quite imaginative.

Osman; Born on January 2, 1699, the sultan was a bitch. He was known for his generosity, but he was impatient, nervous and a very hard man. It had a soft character, but it had a structure that was very annoying.

4. Mehmet; Born on January 2, 1642, the sultan is a capricorn. Unlike other zodiac signs, it has a very careful and determined structure. Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent after the longest time on the throne is the sultan.

2. Osman (Young Osman); Young Osman, born on November 3, 1604, is a scorpion. The typical scorpion literally carries the sharp look and intelligence out of the burqa features.

1. Beyazıd (Lightning); Born in December 3, 1447, Yıldırım Beyazıt is a spring bearer. There was a sultanate, a bold and daring structure, which was very religious. He was a strong man and enjoyed traveling.

Yavuz Sultan Selim ; Yavuz who was born on October 10, 1470, is scales. He had quite a bit of personality. But it was never rude. Love was full, but he liked to fight.

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2. Abdülhamit; Sultan Abdülhamid, who was born on September 21, 1843, is a spike. It’s a theorem in the strict sense. Throughout history, he has always been a frontrunner and a fascinating sultan.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet ; Born on March 29, 1423, the sultan was a coach. Aries is a ram person who carries on the most prominent features of the horoscope, boldness, courage, patience and courage. It is cold and passionate, who knows that perhaps thanks to these features conquered Istanbul and called the age of the sultan is called as the sultan.

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